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Our granite products are of high quality

Granite products are manufactured in various shapes and thicknesses. A very durable and hard natural stone.

Our granite products are of high quality

About granite

Granite as a building material is nowadays indispensable. This natural stone is suitable for all indoor and outdoor space. Granite is very much in trend and is widely used. He makes an excellent floor because it retains heat much better than other materials. Inside you will use Granite for stairs, kitchen countertops and vanity tops.

A modern granite countertop. The material is heat and scratch resistant, but also water can not harm granite. Temperatures up to 600 degrees, and the insensitivity spots make this stone to number one. In addition, the surface of the stone is very easy to clean. Dust will not stick out and germs due to the high density no chance of survival. In addition, their visual component.

The granite surfaces can be processed differently: polished, flamed / brushed in Eco antique or satin. Through these forms of processing, the products can develop very different effects in rooms: Inspired by a classic with a modern up to an opulent ambience. You can choose from more than 200 various types of granite..

Our products are very special and also adapt to any space. The colors range from white to light gray to dark gray and black, no granite slab is like the other, which makes the special charm of this natural stone.