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Important notiz

Dear customers,

In order to be able to ensure a smooth process within the framework of the work we have done, we ask you to observe or comply with the following instructions.

In case of non-compliance additional costs will be charged.


  • Due to the precision technology we use, the corresponding premises and the components to be measured must be completely freely accessible.
    Notiz:Our allowance is made with a professional Proliner. This is an efficient, video, electronic survey device whose application requires unrestricted free space to ensure accurate measurement data.
  • The elements in question must be prepared for both allowance and assembly and must be precisely aligned. The maximum height tolerance of the plates is generally 1mm in total.
  • All openings for age ceramic hob, sink, fittings, etc. are to be prepared according to the respective size of the individual elements.

Attention please

After the allowance, no shifts or changes to the relevant elements may be made.

  • All components that are finally installed, such as sinks, hob (ceramic, induction and / or gas), fittings, etc., must already be present during the oversize.
  • Our surveying technician gets a picture of the accessibility on the site and adapts the required blanks according to the conditions on the plate. All details that are discussed and agreed with you on site will be documented by our surveying technician by means of a protocol.


  • Natural stones such as granite, marble, slate, etc. have a high density and therefore plates made of these materials are relatively heavy. Therefore, a parking space directly at the entrance of the corresponding object must be present or created.
  • From a total plate length of 250 x 60 cm and 3 cm thickness, either auxiliaries or, if necessary, a crane must be organized for transport on site.
    Attention: Because of the risk of breakage, worktops must ONLY be carried upright or transported upright and not lifted in the cutouts. The details for this (eg transport over several floors, staircase and possible width / size of the staircase, etc.) will be coordinated by our surveying technician on site.
  • Note: Auxiliary staff are insured against damage and breakage during assembly.
Mounting the kitchen worktops does not include:
  • Dismantling the old worktops
  • Dismantling of installed components
  • Alignment of the respective kitchen elements
  • Create additional editions
  • Changes to the kitchen elements
  • All water, gas and electrical connections
  • Seals on existing components


Unless otherwise agreed, our panels are pre-impregnated ex works.

  • Our materials are cooled due to precision and production technology when cutting with water. For this reason, the materials still have a residual moisture during installation. Due to this residual moisture, we ask you to allow the worktops to dry well ventilated within the next 12 hours after installation and thus not to use or deliver.
  • In addition, we recommend that additional impregnation be carried out 24 to 48 hours after installation of the corresponding worktops, except for ceramic, quartz or Dekton worktops. You can order the appropriate care and / or impregnating agents from us. Our technicians will gladly bring your ordered product directly to you during assembly or delivery.


  • We use high quality natural stone materials such as granite, marble, slate etc.
  • For this reason, it may occasionally come to color variations and to characteristic changes, such as quartz veins, the natural pore deviations and blurring.
  • Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to look at the materials at our or our supplier to select and reserve.

Please contact us regarding the contact details of our supplier.

We are also happy to send you samples and photos of the current batches of our materials.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to a good cooperation.

Yours sincerely,
Your competence team

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