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Artificial stone products are extremely Adaptable

We present artificial stone for all living areas. Adaptable, stable and resilient are the features of artificial stone.

Artificial stone products are extremely Adaptable.

The innovative artificial stone

The innovative artificial stone We process all elements for your desired application. Especially in the field of artificial stone, we are long-standing partner of the world leader Silestone.

Artificial stone - Unique Artificial stone products This already exists in the 1980's came the developed material from up to 93% pure quartz. Furthermore, colorants and other supplements for coloring and effects are attached (such as mirror glass glitter effects). This stone is bound with a resin or polyester. The production process is as follows:

The mass is poured in the manufacture in a paper-lined mold and then compressed in the vibrating sealing process by means of solid pressing - under vacuum. Finally, the mold is heated in an oven for half an hour at 100 ° C. After cooling to ambient temperature, the stone will be as natural stone ground with tools for hard rock and polished.


+49 2236 9444916

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