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Washbasin plates look modern and innovative

Washbasin plates allow you to achieve a variety of dreams. Washbasin plates impress with their high quality surface.

Washbasin plates look modern and innovative

Washbasin plates - Striking Washbasin plates

The bathroom can be personalized with washbasin plates to various design dreams realized. For modern fixtures should be a real eye-catcher in every bathroom and its matching wash plate. Through various forms we help you to a perfect appearance.

Perfect Washbasin plates. Washbasin countertops made of artificial stone are durable, cut and scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and the perfect material for the bathroom. washbasin can be combined in different colors and shapes. What also makes our washbasin plates even the most peculiar is the resistance, because it is one of the hardest materials that exist. With these amazing features, we achieve the most demanding conditions withstands an ideal material.

Washbasin plates are very easy to clean and because of its closed surfaces very hygienic. A variety of shapes and colors allow almost unlimited design options. Combine elegance with high durability.


+49 2236 9444916

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