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Quartz stone countertops provide comfort.

Quarzsteinarbeitsplatten sind für die Küche geschaffen. Quarzsteinarbeitsplatten erschaffen ein schönes Ambiente.

Quartz stone countertops provide comfort.

Special quartz stone countertops

A mixture of about 93% hydrogen, natural quartz, pigments and polyester resin makes quartz stone to a meitsgenutzen the material when it comes to the topic countertops. The properties of this stone combine functionality and durability.

Imaginative quartz stone countertops. Quartz stone countertops overrun other products with individual character and aesthetics. The material requires no surface finish. Quartz stone countertops are in daily use scratch and wear resistant and shock resistant. Our quartz stone countertops are manufactured in different colors. Through a wide range of colors can be combined phenomenal each worktop with other materials.

Long life and easy maintenance features of quartz stone countertops. Other important properties are located in the hygienic conditions. Residues and stains can be easily removed with a damp cloth. The industrial production, a surface is created in which fats and bacteria can not accumulate. The fascinating variety of colors leaves nothing to be desired.