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Granite stairs are always beautiful and do not come out of fashion.

Granite stairs can be used both indoors and outdoors. These stand for modern and individual living.

Granite stairs are always beautiful and do not come out of fashion.

Natural charm of the granite stairs

We realize your dream of a granite staircase in the interior and exterior, coiled or straight. Whether classic or modern. We measure, stenciling, delivery and installation of your new stair covering made of granite professionally.

Granite stairs - Classic granite stairs. Both the design of the exterior stairs and the materials depend on the application and on the strain. The external staircase is exposed in contrast to the internal staircase, different weather conditions - rain, ice and snow provide slip resistance, so Granite is the ideal material. Stairs made of this stone fascinates the eye with its imposing and rugged construction. Because the stone is considered a durable material that is known for its stability.

For outdoor stairs as interior stairs safe and comfortable walking should always have priority.

Interior stairs granite are a valuable design element in the house. The internal stairs can be a real eye-catchers. When designing your own style can give the living room the ultimate touch. Depending on the design and material of the inner staircase is given to the living rooms a cool or warm touch. However hang design and materials from the interior staircase on the purpose and the stress.


+49 2236 9444916

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