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Granite tiles are the most commonly used natural stone flooring.

The imposing granite tiles score not only for visually but also at convince points with excellent technical properties.

Granite tiles are the most commonly used natural stone flooring.

Granite Tiles - A fantastic Flooring

Granite is for several years one of the most popular floor and wall coverings in indoor and outdoor areas. Especially in new buildings harmonize granite tiles complement the architecture because of the sizes and colors, which make the rooms look elegant and spacious.

Granite Tiles - Elegant granite tiles. If they are installed, they create an interesting picture. This natural stone is characterized by a hard and at the same time modern and individual look.High quality, unique color scheme and an exclusive lifestyle radiate natural stones on visitors than any other design material.

Granite tiles have many useful properties, such as durability, slip resistance, good tolerance of moisture and temperature variations.

Whether it is everywhere an eye-catcher on the wall or floor, granite. But it can be used not only in the bath, even hallway, stairs, decks and kitchens are visually enhanced.

The material needs little grooming. The surface of the tile is sealed after the first surface clean with a waterproofing agent for natural stone. If required this can be repeated any time. This ensures that the tiles are resistant to dirt. Normal household cleaners are enough out for regular cleaning.