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Transport Switzerland - MAAS GmbH

Whether advice, oversize or delivery service - with us you can feel about carefree. We take everything for you in the hand. Because every 14 days we are in Switzerland and personally perform all service work.

Note:In the EU member states, the national law regarding the practice of commercial activities applies in principle. EU directives make it easier to work across borders between EU countries. However, for Switzerland, other directives and laws apply, so an EU company may not carry out activities in a non-EU state. For these reasons, we are not allowed to carry out assembly work in Switzerland, but we are happy to assist our customers with advice.

Transport Switzerland - MAAS GmbH

Transport Switzerland – There is no way for us to go far

Of course, there is the possibility for you to pick up your orders directly from us at the factory. Whether worktops made of granite, Caesarstone, ceramics, Silestone, slate or just cleaning agents, we personally deliver your order to Switzerland but also on your doorstep. Whether you are in Basel, Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, St. Moritz or Lucerne, nothing is too far away.

Transport Switzerland - We deliver your new kitchen worktop whenever you want. And on time to the agreed date. Customers can also count on optimum service quality during delivery. Regardless of the size and volume of your order, we deliver with our own vehicles. Although we can ship the goods to a foreign carrier, but in this case, the risk passes to the buyer as soon as the goods have left our warehouse.

Transport Switzerland - We are in your area every 14 days

We prefer the delivery with our own vehicles, because we have made a lot of negative experiences with the foreign forwarders - Only 70% of the goods arrived safely at our customers! That's why we do not want to take this risk and trust our trained stone masons during transport. Before each delivery, our customers are contacted by our staff again, so that the delivery date can be really reliably confirmed and timed with the customer.

We send the samples by post.


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