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Marble products act Invitingly and noble for visitors.

Easy to clean marble products are convincing because of their high aesthetics and high quality.

Marble products act Invitingly and noble for visitors.

About marble

Marble is distinguished by its unique texture. By tedious conversion of different minerals in the Earth's interior creates this beautiful stone.

Marble - marble tiles and baseboards. Countless works of art and monuments are made of marble. As a deliberate contrast to the artificial and fast-paced world, it provides peace, reflection and relaxation in the private and public space. Marble is the epitome of beauty. Every single stone is unique, a masterpiece of color, structure, texture and function, which impresses with its durability.

This natural stone is very decorative, but we recommend to use marble for indoor use, since it is not usually frost. In addition, marble is by nature a softer material that is particularly sensitive to moisture.

The advantageous characteristic of this material is the ease of processing. Marble is therefore one of the most popular materials for use in the home. In the form of window sills and stairs or in kitchen and bathroom. Since the hard rock is a storage medium, it forms a particularly ideal floor for underfloor heating.

The marble surface is often polished, but can also be brushed. On marble, it is important to pay attention to the care and cleaning so the gloss and the naturalness remain. The wide range of marble slabs in different colors and thicknesses makes it easy for you to always find the right design solution.